About Selecting Your Next Stakes Winner

Conformation and Balance

There are many opinions regarding what makes a solid choice when selecting  a racehorse from an auction or private purchase. My years of experience tells me what’s most important.

Breeding, bone structure, attitude/disposition, training, etc, are all important, but one of the most crucial aspects is conformation, how the horse’s body parts work together.

To be a top performer on the race track and maintain longevity, while limiting injuries, your horse should have all skeletal parts of his anatomy properly proportioned with the correct angles.


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About Selecting Your Next Classic Stakes Winner
Midnight Bisou – Beldame Stakes


Code of Honor & Vino Rosso Battling stride for Stride in the Gold Cup
Code of Honor & Vino Rosso

Stride Efficiency


Is your horse a Sprinter? Router? or Turf horse? Regardless of the horses favored surface, we study the stride efficiency and length of the stride. Most people will spend big money on the fastest horse from the under tack show. We select how the horse ran fast. Was he whipped and ridden hard? Did he have a smooth long stride or a short choppy, high knee action? 

You may have selected a great physical, with excellent conformation, however the stride efficiency will determine how sound your horse will remain.

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Yes, breeding is important, however, a well bred horse must consist of  correct balance and conformation as well as an efficient stride. We analyze  breeding for potential value and lean towards history to assist us along the way.

We rely on Truenicks’ grading system to sort out the list of possible horses to consider. Only 30% of all runners possess a B or better, however, this small percentage win 70% of all stakes races in America.




About Selecting Your Next Classic Stakes Winner

About Fleetphoto Photography

George Zilberman, President


About Fleetphoto:

A seasoned award winning track photographer since the days of the Mighty Forego, The Brilliant Ruffian, and The Great Seattle Slew, my passion for this great sport and love for the equine athlete has taken me on this wonderful journey into selecting “Fast Fillies” and Colts. Having a keen eye for conformation and balance, as well as breeding and stride length, let me select your next Saratoga Stakes Winner.

Having owned my own winning horses trained by the very best trainers, my gift for selecting the best of the best is a natural process.

We represent a wide range of individuals, from Wall Street financial giants and Fortune 500 companies to mom and pop syndicate share holders. 

If you still don’t believe,  feel free to read some of our customers’ testimonials.

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About Fleetphoto Photography
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